Accelerated Remote Delivery: Gathering information and applying learnings

Presented by Professor Nalini Pather

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Scientia Education Academy Lecture Series

Presented by Professor Nalini Pather

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically reshaped our society, our practice and our student’s lived education experience. The almost overnight pivot to remote delivery in March 2020, while accelerating change, has laid bare the need for evidence-based digital pedagogies and resources, and challenged our preconceptions of a democratised education. Every challenge however is an opportunity to innovate. The pandemic has indeed exposed an adaptable academic culture and a connected creative community.

In this lecture, we will reflect on the pivot to remote delivery to elucidate what has worked, review what hasn’t worked and outline a, yet embryonic, skeleton for the road ahead. Considering education as system centred on relationships, rather than focusing on its individual components, can help inform both cost-value discussions and a sustainable framework for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Together, we will discuss learnings from multiple dimensions, shared experiences, and apply these to a responsive course design for student engagement. Along the way, we will learn from, and hopefully encourage, each other for the long journey ahead.

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Nalini Pather is a Professor at UNSW Anatomy and a Scientia Education Fellow. She has taught at institutions in four countries including South Africa, USA and the UK. Nalini leads the Federative International Program for Anatomical Education which represents a collaboration across 56 countries and is an Associate Editor of BMC Medical Education. Her interests in education focuses on the evidence-based implementation of innovative technologies and transferable skills in curriculum design and delivery.

Twitter: @NaliniPather