Dove, Peacock, Owl or Eagle - What do birds have to do with scaffolding students for online teamwork?

Presented by Dr May Lim

SEA Lecture by May Lim

Scientia Education Academy Lecture Series

Presented by Dr May Lim

One of the functions of modern university courses is to foster the development of knowledge, skills and personal attributes which enable students to prepare for their professions. These include effective communication, creativity, ethical conduct and the ability to effectively be part of or lead a team. 

In this lecture Dr May Lim present an auto-ethnographic journey and reflection on the design of a level 3 engineering design course to enhance the students’ team experience. The course was set to explicitly address and foster team development with a range of class activities, but required a considerable effort after the shift to online activity following the COVID19 pandemic. 

The detailed exploration of the context, the reaction from students and the teacher, as well as the approaches to address the development of effective and appropriate team interaction provide a valuable insight for others approaching a similar redevelopment or ways of addressing team activities online. 

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Dr May Lim

Dr May Lim is a Scientia Education Academy Fellow, Faculty of Engineering Education Innovation Fellow and a Senior Lecturer at UNSW Chemical Engineering. She has worked closely with her Faculty, PVCE, student societies, industry and professional bodies to improve the Scientia education experience, and contributed to the development of learning activities, tools and guidelines for capturing, assessing and evaluating student professional development. She is also experienced in the development of capstone undergraduate laboratory courses and Level 2 fundamental engineering courses.