Getting started with Blackboard Collaborate (Hint: it’s easy!)

Presented by Associate Professor Luke Hunter

Getting started with Blackboard Collaborate

Scientia Education Academy Session

Presented by Associate Professor Luke Hunter, Scientia Education Fellow

Do you need to get your lectures and tutorials online, in a hurry? I can help you with that. Blackboard Collaborate is a tool that’s already available in your Moodle.

This tool makes it super-easy to set up a virtual classroom, with several options for different activities (e.g. presenting lecture slides; doing polls; arranging small group discussions; engaging in Q+A). A big advantage of this tool is that you can use your pre-existing teaching resources. And you mightn’t even need to do any extra preparation compared to a face-to-face class. This session will be a "beginner’s guide" to Blackboard Collaborate.

Within 30 minutes you should have all the technical knowledge you need to deliver your first lecture or tutorial online!

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Luke Hunter

Associate Professor Luke Hunter is a teaching-and-research academic in the School of Chemistry.

Since 2013, Luke has served as the School of Chemistry's First Year Coordinator, and during that time there have been major changes to the way that Chemistry is taught at UNSW. There've been significant forays into blended learning; efforts to bring experimental demonstrations back into the lecture theatre; a new skills-based assessment model for the laboratory class; and a push towards awarding microcredentials for theory knowledge. The overarching goals are to make learning engaging, and to give detailed and authentic feedback to both students and teachers. Luke is a passionate educator who feels very lucky to be able to interact with great students and, even more importantly, great colleagues in the School of Chemistry and throughout UNSW.