myEducation Portfolio - What is it, and why does it matter?

Presented by Professor Gary Velan

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Scientia Education Academy Lecture Series

This lecture will explain how UNSW educators can utilise the new myEducation Portfolio platform to demonstrate their educational achievements in relation to the standards-based dimensions of effective teaching in higher education. 

Professor Velan will discuss the types and sources of evidence that staff can utilise to build their own portfolios. By exploring existing exemplar portfolios, he will demonstrate how to create a profile and how to add evidence for professional development and academic promotion purposes. Professor Velan will also delve into the evidence base and rationale for the development of the portfolio, which is one of the first tools of its kind in Australia and beyond.

Note: myEducation Portfolio will be integrated into the UNSW academic promotion process from 2020

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Professor Gary Velan

Professor Velan is a dedicated medical educator with more than 25 years of experience at UNSW.

Gary is a Professor and former Head of the Dept of Pathology (2005-2016) as well as Director of Learning and Teaching Development (2011-2018) within the School of Medical Sciences. He was appointed Associate Dean (Education) in Medicine in 2016 and Senior Vice Dean (Education) in 2018. Gary’s innovations in education include the introduction of online formative assessments to UNSW, as well as the development of virtual microscopy adaptive tutorials (VMATs). Those resources have resulted in improved learning outcomes for students in Medicine and Medical Science at UNSW and beyond.

He is internationally recognised for research in medical education, focusing on eLearning as well as assessment and feedback, and has been a key contributor to educational research projects funded for more than $4.5 million. Read more.