From Studio to Microsoft Teams in 48 hours

Presented by Karin Watson

SEA Lecture by Karin Watson

Scientia Education Academy Lecture Series

Presented by Karin Watson

Design studio classes are collaborative, hand-on learning spaces where students learn through making, participate in group assessments, and readily share their ideas and skills with one another. Navigating first year design students – a mere 4 weeks into their university studies at the start of COVID19 lockdown – through a digital online environment presented both challenges and opportunities for the learning experience.

This lecture discusses some of the strategies used to minimise disruption and avoid potential technology roadblocks. It also highlights the importance of using visuals, enhancing teacher presence, structuring time differently, scaffolding peer feedback and introducing drop-in sessions to enhance the collaborative learning experience.

While the lecture refers to a studio class facilitated through Microsoft Teams and Moodle, the principles are relevant and easily transferable to other disciplines and software platforms.

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Karin Watson

Karin is a Senior Lecturer, Education Focussed Champion and Scientia Education Academy Fellow at UNSW Sydney with a background in Architecture and Design.

Her expertise focuses on innovative teaching practice and curriculum development, particularly through the integration of research informed technology that responds to rapidly changing contemporary learning and work environments.

Karin has worked and studied in London, Cape Town and Sydney. She has developed award winning Professional Development programs such as the Learning to Teach Online Project, created Art & Design focused Open Educational Resources (OER) and initiatives, has led several competitive grants, and project managed multi-institutional projects such as OnTask.

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