Supporting students who are outside their comfort zone

Presented by Dr Leesa Sidhu

Scientia Education Academy Lecture Series

Presented by Dr Leesa Sidhu

This seminar will begin by discussing general approaches used at UNSW Canberra to support students for whom university study is “uncharted territory”. These strategies include: first-year lunches, a mentoring program and academic support programs (for students identified as requiring assistance in English, Maths or Physics).

It will then focus on curricular support strategies used in a compulsory data analysis course for Arts and Business students. This course is particularly challenging to teach – many students lack confidence or interest in maths and are well outside their comfort zones! Strategies used to help students overcome “maths phobia” and motivate them to engage with the course material include: establishing a supportive and encouraging classroom environment, catering for different approaches to learning, and making appropriate use of technology.

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Dr Leesa Sidhu

Scientia Education Fellow and Education Focussed Champion, Leesa is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics in the School of Science at UNSW Canberra.

Leesa is a former high school teacher and has extensive experience in developing and lecturing undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including Science courses, service courses, and a prescribed course taken by all "non-maths" students. Though several courses are extremely difficult to teach given the students' diverse backgrounds and lack of confidence and/or interest, her passion for teaching, ability to establish a supportive classroom environment and exceptional communication skills allow her to engage students and make difficult content accessible. Read more.